成为会员 为什么MECU

Putting members first since 1936

The MECU信用合作社 story begins in 1936. During the height of the Great Depression, 巴尔的摩 workers were struggling to make ends meet. Numerous banks were closing and loan sharks were charging exorbitant interest rates and taking advantage of the working class. To ensure 巴尔的摩ans were able to access affordable financial 服务s, city employees joined together and MECU was founded. 

MECU (pronounced "ME-q") Credit Union was originally known as the Municipal Employees Credit Union. 一开始, we only served 巴尔的摩 City employees such as teachers, 消防队员, and construction workers. 许多人挣得不多, so they needed a financial partner who would help them make the most of every dollar.

快进到今天. In many ways, MECU信用合作社 has changed. We now serve individuals and local businesses throughout the 巴尔的摩 area. Our community has grown to 110,000 members. We've evolved our technology and convenience, with access to thousands of free 自动取款机 and state-of-the-art mobile banking.

However, many things remain the same. We still look out for 巴尔的摩, contributing grants and volunteers to many worthy causes. Working families and their financial well-being are at the center of everything we do. Since we're a not-for-profit cooperative, we offer better interest rates and lower fees than traditional banks.

We empower our members with free financial education, support and advice to achieve a brighter financial future.

We are MECU信用合作社 and our story continues with YOU.